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The Night Queen Double Body Cream 180g

The Night Queen Double Body Cream 180g

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Enriched with natural butters and anti-ageing actives including three rare & unique Jasmines. 

Fit for royalty, this splendid synergy of oils hosts the ‘Queen of Jasmines’- Mogra, the ‘Queen of Oils’- Rose and a rare jasmine that only blooms at night known as Raat ki Rani - ‘The Night Queen’. Enhancing this exotic combination is the delicate jasmine, Juhi and the spiritual oil of Sandalwood. Together these oils create a freshly sweet and grassy aroma and provide moisturising, revitalising and balancing benefits to the skin. This beautifying blend of oils combined together with an ultra rich cream of natural butters and nourishing plant extracts, will provide the skin with the extra moisture and protection that it needs and leave it feeling satin smooth and dewy. 

The ideal treatment for daily hydration, that special occasion or overnight deep skin conditioning.

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