Lon Sleep Pack

Lon Sleep Pack

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Quiet the mind and relax into a deep rejuvenating sleep with this specialised Subtle Energies Sleep Program Prescription that we have packaged with a Lavender Eye Pillow and Organic Sleep Tea. 

This Sleep pack is designed from the basis of Ayurveda medicine to quieten the  Vata and Pita dosas (that may enhance chatter and movement of the mind and body and anxiousness) and increase the ‘Kapha’ Dosha which will allow the body and mind to cool and be more still. 

Science is aligned with Traditional Ayurveda and can explain the benefits as calming to the sympathetic nervous system bringing the body into the more relaxed parasympathetic drive, reducing cortisol and stress hormones and increasing the body’s production of melatonin (‘sleep hormone’).

What is in your pack? 

1 x Sleep Tea by Love Tea - Enjoy one strong cup after sunset and one strong cup 40 minutes before bed.

1 x Lavender Eye Pillow - Place over the eyes prior to going to sleep. Cooling and Calming.

1 x Subtle Energies Sleep Program Prescription Kit which includes:

  • Bliss Body Blend - Apply to the body in a circular motion after a warm bath or shower in the evening. Essential oils of Mogra and Rose removes anxiety and stress. Withania Somnifera nourishes the adrenals calming cortisol levels promoting a restful sleep.
  • Rose Hydrosol Mist Hydrosol over the face and body Cool and calm the senses. Prepares for balanced   sleep. Cooling to the eyes and mind
  • Sleep Easy Nasya Oil - Assists with sleep, sinus and congestion. 
  • Facial Blend - Assists with insomnia. Reduces anxiety and stress. Anti-ageing Facial Serum. Place a few drops on the third eye and lightly massage into skin in the evening.
  • Blissful Sleep Patch to place on chest - Assists with sleep. Slow release of calming aromas

Along with using the products have put together a few more tips to assist with reducing stress, increasing melatonin and sleep. 

Eat a balanced diet with a variety of whole foods  – A whole foods diet contains high levels of amino acids such as tryptophan that act as precursors for serotonin and melatonin hormones required for quality sleep. Green leafy Veg, Nuts and seeds also provide high amounts of magnesium essential for Nervous System relaxation. Essential fatty acids in nuts seeds and fish are also vital. Drink lots of water.

Avoid stimulants such as caffeine and refined sugars.

Go for a walk on sunset.

Enjoy a warm bath with epson salts before bed ( you could add a little bliss blend to your bath if you wish)

Avoid artificial light in the evening especially minimise looking at  screens after sunset.

Listen to calming music and try to put the mind at ease prior to going to bed, you may wish to meditate.

Find a routine that works best for your own sleep patterns. We know that quality sleep is essential to the health of all body systems including immunity, cognition, memory, reducing inflammation and neuro-degeneration, cardiovascular, mental health, enhancing sporting performance and the list goes on. Always seek assistance from a health professional at times of additional need, your Naturopath or General Practitioner can support you on your individual wellness journey.

Sleep Well!

Jade Ogilvie - Lon Spa manager &Qualified Naturopath