Detox & Revive Pack

Detox & Revive Pack

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This uplifting program promotes energy for the body to detox and assist with adrenal fatigue. Not only is it ideal as a pick me up for those feeling exhausted and lethargic, but is a great way to kick start any fitness or weightless program.

What is in the pack?

1 x Love Tea  Rose and Goji  A botanical blend of organic white tea, delicate flowers and naturally sweet goji berries. Individually hand gathered, white tea is the new young leaves from the camellia sinensis plant. It is renowned for its high antioxidant content, and has less caffeine than green tea. Hibiscus flowers, rose petals, and rose hips bring this beautiful blend to life, offering a clean body, with a light, refreshing flavour.

1x Lavender Eye Pillow - Cooling and calming to adrenals and mind.

1x Detox & Adrenal Prescription by Subtle Energies : 

Rasayana Body Wash- With Tulsai Limbu and Tumeric this wash is Freshly uplifting and cleansing. Sulphate Free therefore gentle on skin, with potent anti-microbial actives. Kick start your day

Rasayana Detox Body Scrub- Freshly uplifting, zesty and energising. Helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite and energise tired skin. Removes dead skin as an exfoliant 

Rasayana Detox Blend- Energise adrenals. Increase general vitality and immunity. Great for targeting fluid retention and lymphatic drainage.

Rasayana Inhalation Patch- De stress. Awaken the mind for study and work.